Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Injury Prevention

All injuries from minor aches/pains, chronic problems, to traumatic accidents can be completely alleviated so they never become a restriction.

Through minimization of the wear-and-tear placed upon the body on a daily basis in conjunction with restoring normalcy to the body's protective mechanisms, injuries never have to limit you from enjoying life.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Post-Traumatic and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Severe injuries (resulting from medical emergencies, car accidents, etc.) commonly result in lingering disabilities and or limitations.

Most of these problems are correctable. The reason why a body part “never feels the same” after a severe injury is linked to the unconscious compensations never being reversed. This is also very prevalent for individuals that undergo orthopedic surgeries. Surgery readily corrects structural problems but if the biomechanical (how the body moves) issues that caused the structural damage are never amended, limitations will naturally continue to persist.

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Athletics Optimization

No matter the sport, all athletic activities require instantaneous reactions from adaptable muscles.

By enhancing the body's capabilities specific to the intricate movements of the desired sport, key athletic advantages are readily achieved. 

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dizziness and vertigo and commonly viewed as problems that can only be addressed through medication or “waiting for it to pass”.

These symptoms are definitely not a natural part of “getting old”, although the risk of development increases with age. The body's balance is determined by an intricate network between the inner ear (vestibular system), eyes, and the spinal muscles. Even slight disturbances to this delicate network can cause severe imbalance. Through finding the limiting factor and fixing it, the debilitating problems can be completely alleviated.

Optimize Functionality

Most people do not enjoy strenuous labor, but by no means should such tasks be torturous or seem impossible to do.

Almost everyone has adequate strength to perform daily chores, even if they have moderate injuries. However the inefficiency resulting from the body not being able to work in harmony limits one's capabilities. There is absolutely no need to strain one's body when it simply has to erase and overcome ingrained bad-habits.